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  • Jason Lee Hodges

    Jason Lee Hodges

    Author of Software Engineering From Scratch. Please consider supporting my writing by using my referral link: https://medium.com/@jasonleehodges/membership

  • Beau Beauchamp

    Beau Beauchamp

    An enterprise-class UI/UX full-stack web application architect and senior developer with over 20 years of experience developing scalable apps. BeauBeauchamp.com

  • Elye


    Sharing Software Development Experience, focus on Mobile. https://elye-project.medium.com/subscribe https://twitter.com/elye_project

  • Marcel Kalveram

    Marcel Kalveram

    JavaScript, React and React Native. Building and optimising mobile experiences for web & native.

  • Charles Stover

    Charles Stover

    Staff front end engineer | Tech lead | Architect | charlesstover.com

  • Miroslav Pillar

    Miroslav Pillar

    A self-studied web developer with a passion for writing about Frontend, Javascript and related content. Subscribe on https://blog.miroslavpillar.com

  • Barış Şencan

    Barış Şencan

    Managing Director @ Ilyssa Software

  • Nathan Sebhastian

    Nathan Sebhastian

    A senior software developer with experience in full-stack JavaScript. Nathan has published over 100 JavaScript tutorials at https://sebhastian.com

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