…and, you know, how Javascript works.

In this article we will take a look at the browser’s javascript runtime environment. We will learn how Chrome’s V8 JS Engine parses code and see how the event loop helps that code run on a single thread, both synchronously, and asynchronously, sort of. Finally, we will look at a common example that more clearly explains how this process works.

Let’s start from the beginning…

When you visit a website you do so within a web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Each browser has a JS Runtime Environment. In the environment are Web API’s that a developer can access to build a program.

Everything looks great when setting up the Launch Screen in xCode, until, of course, you run it on an actual device.

The tutorials you may find online teach you in xCode, and they look great, but then they don’t work on real devices!

You test your work only to find a logo doesn’t show up at all, or a background doesn’t cover the status bar or safe area view.

That is why I had to write this tutorial, really, to my future self, to make it EASY to setup an xCode Launch Screen using the story board that works in…

What is a promise? How can we better understand a promise? How does the JS Engine actually process a Promise when it sees it in the wild?

This article may not be 100% accurate as to the specs of the JS Promise (though it is generally accurate), but it hopefully will finally make the concept of Promises click in people’s brains when otherwise it has not. It is also my attempt to pound this in to my own brain. …

After you have read about hooks and seen examples you might want to jump into your own code and convert some of your class components to functional components with hooks.

Specific changes may include the implementation of useState() to replace constructor functions and state declarations and useEffect() to replace componentDidMount() and componentDidUpdate().

Here are my 10 steps to quickly change a class component to a functional component with hooks.

  1. change
class NameOfComponent extends Component 


function NameOfComponent(props){

2. remove the constructor

3. remove the render() method, keep the return

4. add const before all methods

5. remove this.state …

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to quickly setup a CRUD app. The app will use Express and Postgres to build an API on the backend and React to display, add, edit and delete data on the frontend. As a bonus, I added a button on the frontend to download a CSV file of the data table.

Feel free to skip my intro about why I am doing this and jump straight to Step 1 to get started with the tutorial. I also created github repos for the frontend and backend if you would like to clone these projects…

Frontend Github…

For my first fullstack javascript app I built, Power Todos, a more advanced personal todos app than the typical beginner todos app. It tracks tasks for every todo and can store notes for every task. It was built with React, Express, Node, Postgres. It uses Redis, Redux, React Router and more…

My Background in Programming: PHP, JS, jQuery

I am a php developer, as much as one can be coming from Wordpress. I have built very large, complex plugins for Wordpress and hacked the heck out of its ecosystem for nearly fifteen years. I am proficient with MySql. …

I created an accurate stopwatch timer for my new site and wrote about why here, now you can have it for free. HTML and CSS is included. Get it at github or just copy the code I provide here and use it however you want.

All I ask is for you to possibly check out the site it was originally built on. There, you can sign up for a free account and start storing your knowledge so you remember it forever. Or not. Either way, enjoy!

The Stopwatch

The stopwatch will start when the user clicks the play button and it will…

Jim Kwik gives lessons on how to stop procrastinating, how to remember things easier, and how to be happier with your life. These are my notes on his talk.

1. Understand that NOT doing things makes you feel trapped. So it is actually doing things that will free you and make you more satisfied with your life. Doing nothing feels bad. Accomplishing things feels great. You choose.

2. Do things that are hard. Do not take the easy way out, ever. Overcoming obstacles takes grit and grit is what it takes to accomplish goals. The more your grit muscle is…

Secrets to Stephen King’s writing process were revealed in his book, ‘On Writing,’ released in 2000. This is my review of all the important aspects I took away after re-reading it almost twenty years later.

This article was original published at Brain Bank

1. Understand the Basics
Know proper grammar. Expand your vocabulary. Know the basics of the English language. Avoid passive sentences. Never use -ly words. Read and digest Strunk and White’s ‘The Elements of Style.’ Understand that you can write simply and still get across complicated story ideas that resonate with a reader. Do not overwrite or overindulge, this may come off as magniloquent or pompous and could easily lose a reader.

2. Read
Of course, in order to write well, one must read obsessively. That is a no brainer. But one thing Stephen…

So many times while writing authors try to find the exact word that will make a sentence pop. They head over to google, or go to their trusted thesaurus, only to find words that are close but not quite perfect. Enter Brain Bank.

Here, a user can search for a word and find its definition, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, but most importantly, a list of 100 words that are in some way related to the searched for word.

Brain Bank is a place any writer or student can go to find the word that is better than the word they…

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